About Me

I am a "forty something" mother of two teenage daughters whose passion has always been looking after animals.  As a child we always had cats and rabbits which kick-started my love of animals.  It was when I had a house of my own,  somehow any poor homeless cat seemed to find their way to my door and would become part of the family.

I truly love my job, I have such a lovely positive reaction when I walk in the door from every animal I visit.  They are always so pleased to see me, and seeing them so happy makes my job so worthwhile. A little treat when I leave also helps no doubt.

I walk out with the dogs in all weathers and still to this day I love every minute I am in their company.

Over the years my reputation has circulated and I am often referred by all the local veterinary surgeries for the services I offer.  A real testament to my commitment for the happiness and welfare of the animals I look after.